Hoya lambii H144

Unique leaf arrangement and flower colour!

Up to six large, light green leaves grow from one stem node, tightly pressed together and arranged to be funnel-like. Clear leaf venation, measuring 15cm x 10cm, with a lot of aerial roots along the stem.

Blooms: Beautifully-shaped, shiny, light green flowers with wine-coloured spangles on their underside, up to 18mm across, with paler green corona. Up to 40 flowers per umbel. Sweet, spicy fragrance. Flowers last up to 5 days.
Sun exposure: Medium to bright indirect light.
Water requirement: Prefers well-draining open mix. Water less in winter.
Maintenance: Low. Half strength doses of fertiliser in growing period.
Special note: Collection Number 97. WAOL permitted. Warm hoya: best suited to warm temperatures between 21-35C.

Each living plant is unique and may vary in size, colour, or shape depending on the season. Flowering plants are sent when available. Plants are sent bare-rooted.

Type: hoyas

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