Do you have a shop-front?

No. Shopify Inc. provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our plants and growing accessories 100% online. Shopify uses an e-catalogue which manages stock inventory, tracks sales and dispatch and, by default, is set up to operate on a ‘first paid – first served’ basis.

What payment types are offered?

Credit card, debit card and PayPal.

How are plants prepared for shipment?

Hoyas and dischida are epiphytes and this makes them great travellers. Our plants are watered well before shipment (hydrated) and undergo one final inspection. If they are found to be sick and unlikely to survive, we either find a replacement or issue a customer refund. Roots are wrapped in two layers of damp paper towel, fastened in a ziploc bag then packed into a sturdy cardboard box with shredded paper which further insulates them on the journey.

Should I have my plants shipped Express?

Most of our customers select regular shipping and we have not had any reports of distressed plants.

How do I track the status of my delivery?

Via the tracking number we send you by email. If you are worried about the progress of your delivery, you can check-in with Australia Post Customer Service on 131 318.

What should I do with my plants when they arrive?

You will receive printed Care Notes enclosed with your first order, covering topics like potting mediums, watering, fertilising and pest control. These Notes are also available here.

The species I want is out of stock. What should I do?

On each plant profile there is opportunity to sign up for a 'Back In Stock' notification so that you receive an email alert when they are back in stock.

I received an email alert to say the species I want is back in stock but, when I tried to order, it is out of stock. Why does this happen?

Some of our species are super popular and this means they sell out immediately. We always have a range of young plants under cultivation which come into the Store as they mature so, if you wish, you can sign up for another availability notification.

I tried to sign up for a 'Back In Stock' notification but I cannot see the plant’s profile. What should I do?

Please contact us so we can make the profile ‘live’ for you.

How often is the Store restocked?

Generally, we restock on a weekly basis.

Do you combine postage?

If you place two or more orders on the same day, we always endeavour to combine postage and issue you a refund - you will receive an email when the refund is processed.

Do you ship internationally?

Plants are shipped only within Australia. Resource books are available to overseas customers.

Do you ship to WA, TAS and NT?

Yes. Please contact us to request specific quarantine information.

Can I place a custom order for specific species?

Sorry - we do not offer this service on our plants. At times, custom orders are created for specific accessory combinations or for overseas customers ordering resource books.

Can you hold my order and ship it at a later date?

Apologies - we do not offer this service.

What is your policy in regards to aggressive customers?

Customers who are aggressive or threatening - for example; If you don't give me what I want, my friends and I will trash your brand - will find they are blocked from our social media, with their incoming emails diverted to Junk.