Hoya compacta Indian Rope - outside variegate H43

Amazing foliage!

Draping succulent vine with thick, twisted, curly, cupped, leaves which are emerald green with creamy white margins. New foliage is often pink.

Blooms: Star-shaped baby pink flowers, up to 15mm across, with red-centred white corona. Up to 50 flowers per umbel. Lightly perfumed. Flowers last for up to one week.
Sun exposure: Grows best in bright filtered light.
Water requirement: Low. Water when almost dry, even less in winter
Maintenance: Low.
Special note: Collector’s Number 2.2. WAOL permitted.

Each living plant is unique and may vary in size, colour, or shape depending on the season. Flowering plants will be sent when available. Plants are sent bare-rooted.

Type: hoyas

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