Auctions & Stock Release

We're excited to have another Stock Release coming up this Friday at 7.00pm AEST.

If you have an interest in a particular hoya or dischidia, feel free to set up your Store account then sign up on any plant profile for a Back-In-Stock notification email. On Friday afternoon the Store will be offline from 4.00pm as we update our inventory. Once you receive the notification email there will be a ‘Buy’ button which you can use once the Store goes live again at 7.00pm. If you have signed up in the past and not heard anything, this may be because that species has not been restocked as yet or perhaps our email landed in your Spam folder.

Beautiful hoyas at auction are available under our Auction Tab which runs from Thursday to Thursday.

From our private collection, we propagate small quantities of plants across a range of 300+ hoya varieties and 25+ dischidia varieties, many of which are exceptionally rare and hard to find. The initial stock releases after winter will be quite small and will grow in size further into the season. Interest is very, very high at the present time and our plants sell almost as quickly as we list them. Note that if you place multiple orders on the same day, we always endeavour to combine them and refund your postage.

You can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions here.