Dischidia sp. IPPS6675 IML 1221 D16

Thin, round leaves which grow in opposing pairs, uniformly measuring 1 cm across, giving the appearance of pennies.

Cascading foliage up to 1m in length– stunning in a hanging basket.

Blooms: Tiny white / lime green flowers produced in umbels of 1-5 blooms.
Sun exposure: Medium to bright indirect light.
Water requirement: Thrives on high levels of humidity. Mist foliage daily. Allow soil to dry out before watering. When potting medium is dry, submerge in container of water until air bubbles dissipate. Will not tolerate roots being overly damp.
Maintenance: Low. Repot annually. Half strength doses of liquid fertiliser in growing period.
Special note: An as yet unidentified species. Closely related to Hoya. Roots on this species are often very fine. Order limits apply.

Each living plant is unique and may vary in size, colour, or shape depending on the season. Flowering plants are sent when available. Plants are sent bare-rooted.

Type: hoyas

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