Fertiliser - Soluble Fertiliser Kit

Whatever you feed will grow!

Improve the size, colour and frequency of flowering with our Hoya Bloom Booster.

Stimulate growth, size and leaf health with our Hoya Foliage Blaster.

Each pack contains

# 40g of Bloom Booster

# 40g of Foliage Blaster

# 1 x 500ml misting bottle


Mix 1 teaspoon of fertiliser into 2.5 litres of water.

Mist your plants with Bloom Booster every 1-2 weeks during the warmer growing months.

Mist your plants with Foliage Blaster every 2-3 weeks during the cooler months.

Note: one kit makes up to 40L of liquid fertiliser!

Type: hoyas

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