Hoya macgillivrayi Nesbit River IML 0696 H168

Astonishing flowers!

Thin, fast-growing vine. Foliage starts out bronze and glossy, becoming thick, mid-green leaves with prominent central vein when mature, up to 20cm x 8cm.

Blooms: Flat saucer-shaped flowers in a pink-light red colour, measuring 60mm in diameter, with matching corona. Up to 10 flowers per umbel. Fragrance smells expensive! Flowers last up to 3 weeks.
Sun exposure: Best in bright indirect light. Flowers more readily in profuse light.
Water requirement: Prefers well-drained open mix. Keep reasonably dry in winter.
Maintenance: Low. Fertilise in growing period.
Special note: WAOL permitted. Native to Australia. Order limits apply.

Each living plant is unique and may vary in size, colour, or shape depending on the season. Flowering plants are sent when available.

Type: hoyas

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