Auction #339: Hoya padangensis H175

Under the hammer will be this gorgeous gal!

Unusual flowers! A twining hoya with thin, firm leaves in a grey/green colour, measuring up to 12cm x 3.5cm. Foliage is slightly curved and heavily speckled.

Blooms: Unique flowers whereby corolla lobes are curled up giving a slim star-shaped appearance, in tones of pink-brown, measuring 15mm across with cream corona. Up to 8 flowers per umbel. Nectar producing. Last for up to 7 days.
Sun exposure: Medium to bright indirect light.
Water requirement: Prefers well-draining open mix. Water less in winter.
Maintenance: Low. Half strength doses of fertiliser in growing period.
Special note: Collector’s Number 51. WAOL permitted.

Plants will be sent bare-rooted. Please read the Auction Rules before placing a bid.

Type: auction