Auction #42: Hoya compacta Indian Rope - inside variegate H42

Under the hammer will be this exact plant.

Incredible foliage!

Draping succulent vine with thick, twisted, curly, cupped, leaves which are pale green/ yellow in centre with a darker green leaf margin.

Blooms: Star-shaped baby pink flowers, up to 15mm across, with red-centred white corona. Up to 50 flowers per umbel. Lightly perfumed. Flowers last for up to one week.
Sun exposure: Grows best in bright filtered light.
Water requirement: Low. Water when almost dry, even less in winter.
Maintenance: Low.
Special note: Collector’s Number 2.1. WAOL permitted. Referred to as the ‘variegated Hindu Rope’. Plant not currently flowering.

Plants will be sent bare-rooted. Please read the Auction Rules before placing a bid.

Type: auction