Auction #154: Hoya subquintuplinervis IML 1701 H84

Under the hammer will be this exact plant with well-established roots.

Thick, dark green, oval-shaped leaves reaching 12cm x 9cm, with five distinct veins diverging from base.

Blooms: Revolute creamy-white flowers, measuring 15mm across, with pink-centred white corona. Light, fresh fragrance which is citrusy. Up to 30 flowers per umbel.
Sun exposure: Medium to bright indirect light.
Water requirement: Water well during growing season. Prefers well-drained gravelly mix. Water less in winter.
Maintenance: Low. Fertilise in growing period.
Special note: WAOL permitted. Full name - Hoya subquintuplinervis Thailand IML 1701. Not is flower currently.

Plants will be sent bare-rooted. Please read the Auction Rules before placing a bid.

Type: auction