Auction #15: Hoya aff. pubifera Mindanao IML 1282 H78

Under the hammer will be this exact plant.

Highly perfumed!

Attractive pale green leaves which are hard, smooth and deeply creased down the centre, measuring up to 8cm x 1.5cm.

Blooms: Strongly revolute, fleecy, purple/plum-coloured flowers, 5mm in diameter, with yellow-centred yellow corona. Up to 18 flowers per umbel.  Fragrance that is sweet and buttery. Flowers last up to 8 days.
Sun exposure: Medium to bright indirect light.
Water requirement: Prefers well-drained gravelly mix. Water less in winter.
Maintenance: Low. Fertilise in growing period.
Special note: WAOL permitted. Not in flower currently.

Plants will be sent bare-rooted. Please read the Auction Rules before placing a bid.

Type: auction