Order Limits

Since Gardening Australia magazine gave us a ‘shout-out’ earlier this year, there has been an extraordinary level of interest in our Store, and for that reason we are introducing Order Limits to help place our plants into the hands of as many people as possible.

What are the Order Limits?

Going forwards, order limits will apply to some of our collection, particularly the rarer varieties. Individual plant profiles will indicate whether that variety is limited or not. There will be a lifetime limit of 2 for each of these varieties.

This means that a customer can buy one of these limited plants – in any size – only 2 times on their account in total, either in a single order or across multiple orders.

Any selected plants which reach the limit will be automatically halted at checkout with a pop-up notification identifying which item must be removed.  After removing whichever item has been flagged, you can continue with checkout.

Note that these limits operate retrospectively, meaning that if a limit for a particular plant has already been reached, that plant can no longer be ordered. For example, if you have already purchased one Hoya mitrata, in any size, from Hoya Store Australia, you will only be permitted to purchase one more, in any size.

Limits will apply per customer’s name, email address, delivery address, and payment details.

Limits will not apply to auction plants.

These order limits are a work in progress and, no doubt, the parameters will be tweaked as we go so please be patient and continue to monitor this space for updates.

* Ensure you are logged into your account before shopping.